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The Bean’s Daddy…

January 24, 2008

I am lucky. Not only do I have the most amazing little baby boy in the world but the most amazing husband who is the best Dad. He is such a hands on father. Our son is so lucky to have him. I always knew he would be a wonderful father, but when our son was born I was awestruck by how loving and comforting he is as a father. I remember seeing him hold our son for the first time with such comfort and strength. He really lives his life for his son and boy, does T love his Daddy. The second he walks in the room T’s face lights up with a huge smile. T has just started crawling and when we are in the living room he slow but surely scoots himself with such concentration to wherever his Daddy is and grabs onto his legs and shoes. I love the way they love each other. I am so very lucky to have someone who I can truly say is my equal in this parenting thing that we both love so much. We are a team. Although, there are certainly a few things that he does better then me. We affectionately coined the name “The Swaddler” for him after he stunned both my mother and I with his amazing swaddling skills. He would swaddle our son up so tight that he would stay asleep, quiet and dreaming, for hours. The day we stopped swaddling because T was able to kick himself out of the swaddle broke my husbands heart. He always says he can’t wait to put his swaddling skills to work with our next child. He can change a diaper faster and smoother than anyone I know and I will never forget the nights when he used to dance our newborn around the room until he drifted off to sleep. Thank you, James, for being the amazing person you are and for loving us with all your heart.   James and Tbeansdadadada.jpg  beansdad.jpg 


Introducing– The Bean’s Mamma!

January 17, 2008

So, after being an avid blog stalker, or in friendlier terms, reader, I decided that I would venture out into the world of blogging. Now in a way this seems pretty stupid since I am probably the worst writer in the world! But I figure Hey! I might as well give it a shot! It has been a pretty crazy few years for me… I got married to my perfect soul mate, and had the most amazing baby in the world (what can I say he is perfect). Oh, and did I mention that I am only 21!  I love being a mom. It is simply the most amazing thing in the world, but boy is it hard. I also love being a wife, but that is also hard. I guess it makes sense that the best things in life come with a little hard work.  So, I thought I would share a little bit about my life with the blogging world and see where it takes me. Right now I am trying to decide how personal to get. I mean, I want to be honest but I am not sure how I feel about sharing photos and names in terms of my son. He is six months old and so cute and handsome and fun so I would love to share some photos. What are every ones thoughts on the internet and sharing your kids names/photos! I would love the imput.