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Max Daniel Baby Blankets- Luxury at its finest for your baby!

February 2, 2008

If you are looking for a soft, cuddly, and beautiful blanket, look no further than the Max Daniel Blanket collection. After looking at the Max Daniel website, I knew I had to have one for my son when he was born. They are incredibly luxurious. We have the satin and rosebuds blanket, and security blanket.  I have to tell you I was secretly hoping that this would be my sons favorite blanket. Towards the end of my pregnancy I was hanging this blanket up in various spots in the nursery just to be able to see it! Of course, it made it into the babies bag for the hospital trip home. Oh and did I mention that my son was born in June and boy was it hot outside so the blanket was a little unnecessary. My husband thought I had really lost it when I insisted on bringing “Max” with us everywhere around New York City in the 90 degree heat! Turns out, my son loves it just as much as I do and it still goes everywhere with him only now it is his preference and not just my own! The blankets come in a variety of different colors. They also have some neat patterned blankets out now as well. The blanket is incredibly well made and does beautifully in the washing machine. I have had a few other nice blankets rip or stain, even ones that I would hang dry. Everyone who comes in contact with this blanket loves it and marvels at its softness. I have had tons of friends who feel it once, and then want to know if they make them for grown ups! They are in luck because Max Daniel just recently started making larger blankets. I am now begging my husband for one as a living room throw. Next time I have to buy a baby gift for someone, this is it! Trust me, you will love this blanket!maxdaniel.jpg