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Hanna Anderson Organic Sleepers– Cozy and fun for bedtime!

January 19, 2008

I have a love for baby clothes that borders on obsession… but what new mom doesn’t? I have a lot of favorite brands and Hanna Anderson is my favorite for comfy and soft sleep clothes and play clothes. I always thought the catalog was very cute and was excited to try some of her clothes out on my baby but didn’t get around to ordering anything before he was born. When he was about two months old, he received his first Hanna, a “jeepers creepers” covered in the most adorable dog print. It became our favorite! Her cotton is amazingly soft and washes great. He now lives in Hanna Anderson clothes and my favorite are her organic sleepers for bedtime. The best feature is that they zip up from the ankle making  3 AM diaper changes a whole lot easier! My one wish is that she also made footed sleepers because my son has become an expert at taking off his socks. Another great feature about Hanna Anderson is her sizing method. You measure your baby and then she has a chart on the website or in the catalog so you can get a perfect fit. Other favorites of mine from her line include her wiggle pants and quilty overalls! Check out her website at!


Sleep Sheep by Cloud B

January 17, 2008

I thought I would introduce some of my favorite things we have used for our little boy. I know when I was pregnant and shopping around for all the things I needed, all the reviews I read really helped me to narrow down my list of what was needed. One of my favorite products that in my opinion is really a must, is the Sleep Sheep by Cloud B. We received it from a friend a few days after my son was born. It is a stuffed animal that plays a variety of nature sounds. My favorite feature is that it velcros right on to the crib or play pen or where ever your little one is sleeping. This is great for travel or visiting someone else’s home. We found that the ocean sound instantly calmed our baby. In fact, for the first 4 months we had our son’s crib in our room so that we could be close to him, and my husband found himself unable to go to sleep with out the calming sounds of the ocean or rain showers! You can find the Sleep sheep at most baby stores and a variety of online stores. To learn more about it, check it out at Cloud B’s website